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Recurring bad breath that only goes away with Metronidazole

Male, 38. For the past decade or so I have a recurring bad breath issue and doctors and dentists have failed to trace the cause.

My dental/mouth hygiene is good, I don't have current digestive problems (did have an ulcer in the past but that seems unrelated) and I tested negative for H. Pylori. I don't have tonsil stones either.

Despite testing negative for H. Pylori, I found some studies showing an effective treatment with Metronidazole + Omeprazole and for the past 4-5 years I've been doing that every 2-6 months. The smell completely goes away 2 days after I start taking it (I continue for 1-2 weeks).

But no matter what I eat/avoid and how much I clean my teeth/tongue, the bad breath comes back in a few months. Sometimes 1 month, sometimes 5 months - but it always comes back. Then I'm back on the Metronidazole/Omeprazole and good to go until the next recurrence.

Any ideas what is causing it?
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Yeah there is something about metroznadile that makes a difference
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