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Recurring episodes of mucus/gas instead of stools

Hi, I am 55 and have a robust health history including Hodgkin's in remission and congestive heart failure.

A few years ago, I had an alarming episode where my normal bowel routine suddenly stopped. Instead of passing stools, I passed large amounts of gas accompanied by a small amount of yellowish mucus. This lasted for over a week, at which time I became highly concerned. I thought I might have some sort of intestinal obstruction caused by parasites, as some of the stool fragments that passed with it looked almost worm-like. I took over-the-counter pinworm medicine, no effect. Went to the doctor, got a referral to a gastroenterologist. They ran an entire panel of tests, including a full colonoscopy, CT scan of my GI tract, and a panel of stool tests for parasites, occult blood, etc. Everything came back negative. I was able to get a bowel movement after taking laxatives but the problem persisted for a couple of weeks at least. At times I had severe abdominal pain, probably from bloating/trapped gas. I couldn't get any further help out of them.

Ever since then, I've had an almost identical episode every 5-6 weeks or so, though thankfully without the abdominal pain. Normal bowel habits stop, I end up passing mucus/gas, and any urge to fart must be weighed carefully as I could release a bolus of mucus with it. And sometimes there are some small stools mixed in with it. So I end up going to the bathroom several times a day just to release mucus, which is a real pain as I work in the field where usually only port-a-potties are available!

I've found a few explanations from "Dr. Google," including IBS, intestinal bacterial bloom and a few other things. But no one can seem to give me a diagnosis of anything.

I've tried a number of OTC/herbal things like probiotics, an herbal creation called candibactin, peppermint oil, etc. - nothing seems to have an effect. I get some relief from milk of magnesia and/or bisacodyl-based laxative, but the episode pretty much has to run its course after which normal bowel habits resume.

So, it's just become something I live with, though it would sure be nice to not have these episodes.
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Do you still have your gall bladder?  If not, you could be having a problem digesting fats which would make your stools appear as though they have mucous, when it’s really fat blobs.  

Have you tried taking digestive enzymes… they might help you with fat digestion.

My husband has IBS and his doctor recommended I-B Gard…
I do have my gallbladder still! The mucus appears to be odorless though I haven't actually held it up to my nose. I haven't pinpointed the onset of symptoms to specific foods though one of my episodes last year started a few hours after a trip to Taco Bell :)

I will look into the digestive enzymes and IB Gard... can't hurt to try them! It would be so nice to find something that works for this.
Some people have trouble digesting fats, even with a gall bladder.  

Do check out digestive enzymes and/or IB Gard - also, talk to your doctor, there could other issues.
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I was having these episodes with the mucus, gas and bloating. What I noticed is whenever I eat a lot of ice cream I would notice the brown mucus. Yellow mucus sounds like you may have a problem digesting fats. Is the mucus oily with a foul chemical like odor? I would get orange, oily foul smelling mucus when I consume lots of nuts. But dairy is also considered a fat.
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