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Refluxamine okay to take?

Hello. I don't know if anyone has heard of refluxamine http://www.techmedica.com/refluxamine.html. But I was going to buy this product since I don't respond well to other treatments for GERD. My question is I have high blood pressue, and the product contains glycine, calcium carbonate FCC, and glycerhiza galibra (licorice). I heard licorice can raise your blood pressure, therefore do you think I should buy this product? But the one in refluxamine is supposed to be root extract. Also, I see the licorice in refluxamine is called called glycerhiza galibra, when I look on the internet licorice is called glycyrrhiza glabra, whats the difference between glycyrrhiza glabra and glycerhiza galibra, and is one easier on high blood pressure? Thanks and God Bless
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Hello? Can anyone help please?
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