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Regarding 15.9% Eosinophil


I went for a Annual Health Check on Saturday. Report shows that Eosinophils - 15.9%, E.SR. (1Hr) - 26 MM.

My age is 37 and I am a Male.

My History:

1) Removed Appendistes in 2009

2) Underwent Cystoscopy in 2015 - Growth in Lateral wall of the Gall Bladder. Diagnosed as Carcinoma Bladder (1st Stage). I was suggested to go for Ultrasound in a frequency of 6 Months for five years and Consult a Urologist. Which I did. No Symptoms of Blood in Urine so far.

3) Underwent Fistulectomy for Fistula in Anal in 2015.

Above are my History.

At present there is no findings in UltraSound which is quite familiar for me.
This WBC - Eosinophils Count of 15.9% and E.S.R. (1Hr) - 26 MM is worrying me.

Please suggest what to do.

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I do know that high blood eosinophils can be due to allergies.  
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