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Remote Abdominal Pain? X-rays included.

Hi, all,
       I'm a 19-year old white female, and I recently found out that I have Hashimoto's. Due to that, I've been constipated since February, but within the past month it has gotten worse. My stomach has been severely distended, and I have formidable amounts of pain that usually occur in the same spots (you'll see the hot spots on the upright x-ray). My doctor told me to try Miralax and that did not work, so I went on to try Magnesium Citrate, and that took 10 hours to take effect. Even after that the distention and pain did not stop, so I went back to my doctor. X-rays were ordered, and here I am. I'm currently taking Minestrin for birth control and 25mcg Synthroid for the Hashi's. My doctor also gave me Linzess for the constipation (haven't started it yet). I'm attaching the x-rays, does anyone have any insight?  

(Laying Down)

Thank you!
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