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Reoccuring GERD

I'm a 21 year old female, 5'3" weighing around 165 lbs (yes I know I'm overweight-obese) I've been diagnosed with GERD several times. The first time was after my father's death, it caused me so much stress that I didn't sleep any longer than two or three hours, barely ate or when I did eat it was usually fast food, oily foods and most especially spicy foods. I suppose my stress level is beyond calibration too since I stress about the smallest things in an aggrandized manner. I have normal blood pressure but recently it has been going up due to the heat, whenever I eat oily/spicy foods I have a pain in my chest similar to that of one would call a "heart attack" although I've already gotten an ECG and 2-D Echocardio tests done, they were perfectly normal, even my blood tests were.

Could it be because my GERD is reoccuring that my BP rises? I also live in a hot humid environment that is experiencing El Nino the temperature can go as high as 37 degrees Celsius (98-99 degrees Farenheit). My cousin who is a general physician prescribed me metoprolol (50 mgs) to take once daily to lower my BP since it rised to 150mmHg/100mmHg that day only that day (I was awake from 2 AM, the temperature was 36 degrees Celsius (96-97 F), I ate a salty dinner and my BP was taken at 8:30PM I didn't rest  at all throughout the day perhaps that contributed to my high BP) when I got my BP rechecked a week later, it was normal. But whenever I eat I suffer from a lot of gas and burning pains in my chest that might contribute to my high BP and sometimes my pulse rate goes from 71bpm to 90-95 bpm. Could anyone please help me and explain what I may be experiencing? Thank you very much in advance.
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