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Reoccurring abdominal pains

Hello health community,

This is the first time I have come for advice from a health community. Over the past months and years I have been battling with bad abdominal pains.  These started shortly after my double orthographic jaw surgery.  I think this is unrelated but when these pains first started they would be very random throughout the day and the episodes didn't last long.  A year ago I got an intense job making me work 90+ hours a week until September when it all got shut down almost instantly.  Very stressful I was manager.  A little before I lost my job the abdominal pain became most severe in the morning.  Sometimes even me resulting in vommitting.  Unfortunately I turned to marijuana as it was the only thing which would make me feel normal, not nauseas and no pain.  I had used marijuana for the past year as a stress reliever after work.  A couple weeks after losing my job my symptoms started getting worse.  Currently I am being awoken around 5-7am every morning with abdominal pain.  Usually to severe to ignore and sleep.  If I do ignore it like today I wake up shortly after from more intense pain.  I go to the bathroom to relieve myself having a hard to pass stool.  This first stool is usually the most formed.  Then I have 2-3 bowel movements after this initial one.  These are lose stool with no water dirreah.  When the waste is formed it's usually thinner and not as wide as usual.   The color is green.  I do still vomit also because of this pain / morning cough. When I throw up it is usually green/yellow bile tasting fluid.  Occasionally it can be actual food. After vommitting / having a bowel movement does improve the symptoms but not completely alleviate them. Now to what my doctors said.

I've been to several doctors.
My Internal medicine Doctor referred me to a GI. Also he prescribed me a med for abdominal pain. No help.

The GI thinking I am constipated prescribes miralax and plenty of water along with a hida scan, CT scan and ultra sound. Which all come back normal. When I go back to the follow up visit with same complains the day I have IBS and am on Linzess to regulate vowel movements as well as fiber supplements and papaya enzymes.  I have been doing this for almost a month and the doctor won't go any farther in treatment saying its Ibs. They referred me to a physiatrist now for anxiety and anti depressants saying my ibs is sparked by those at 5am from a dead sleep.  Yes I do have anxiety but i don't think this is why.  

I had another gi Doctor briefly speculate my case could all be caused by poor blood circulation.  

TL;DR - my abdominal pains have gotten progressively worse.  I now have more vommitting (2/7 days), incomplete bowel movements (daily) which are odd color (green) and loose stool; abdominal pain which wakes me up (daily) and my doctor thinks it's ibs and told me to see a psychiatrist for med to alleviate all symptoms.  I don't think this is right but j know I do have some anxiety.  

I look forward to your guy sea responses.
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I have been having trouble with gas pain and constipation too.  I have also been having trouble with regurgitating food up to an hour or two post meal.  The doctors at mayo clinic just diagnosed me with an evacuation disorder and told me the reason I am having trouble with constipation is my pectoral floor is so tight that it is giving me many problems.  They just referred me to a two week program to help me control my pectoral floor muscles to help me have a bowl movement more often. They said this should also help with the gas pain too. I am very hopeful this will help me.  I guess so many people have this problem that there is about a three month waiting period for this program.  hope this information might help you.
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I made one small mistake it is not Pectoral floor it the Pelvic Floor muscle in me that they said was so tight it is causing me problems. Another name for this disorder is Pelvic floor dysfunction or dyssynergia. Wondering if you might have and evacuation disorder too.  Maybe or maybe not, but just thought I would share thinking this information may help you.

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