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Resuming normal activity after pancreatitis

I have had 2 acute pancreatitis episodes within 3 months.  I have changed my diet and am not drinking alcohol after years of drinking.  I did not have a drinking problem, I was a moderate to heavy drinker but did not consider it a problem.  My question is after a period of inactivity, say 6 months to a year, is it okay to have a beer or two and go back to normal eating habits?  Not eating or drinking like before, but a few beers or drinks on a night out or the weekend?  
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You know, and this is just my opinion, that is a rolling slope.  It usually starts as one or two beers and then it turns into more. That's the nature of drinking alcohol.  And you've done well on the diet you've been on.  Not sure why you want to go backwards.  Is the way you eat now extreme?  I mean, a beer or two won't hurt you but by the same token, it doesn't really help you and you've been not partaking for a pretty long time, so why start again?  Does that make sense?  I know it is hard socially sometimes though.

I had to give up certain things due to acid reflux.  I don't have acid reflux anymore. But I know that if go back to old habits, the fact that I'll likely develop it again is high.  So, I don't.  This may be the same case for you too even though I know it's not much fun.  I'm in the same position.
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