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Right Lower Quadrant Pain

I am ridiculously uninformed on medical things, so pardon me is this is an improper place to ask about this. I made an account here specifically to ask about this problem though...

I am 16 years old and I have had pain in my right lower quadrant for years now(Since I was around 12), sometimes its almost un-noticeable, and other times I cant even move, because moving makes it so much worse.

Its been getting worse still recently, and I had a revelation that pain = not normal.

I haven't had any tests to figure out what it is, I don't believe. I went to the doctor when it first started if I recall correctly... they poked at me for a second or so and sent me on my way, doing absolutely nothing.

If anyone could give me a few possible explanations for this, it'd be much appreciated...
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Doctors tend to do little or nothing unless a problem persists.  This means you need to go back and insist he find out what is wrong and take a parent with you if need be so that he will listen.  This could be many things (eg. ovarian cysts, IBS, etc.) and needs to be checked out.  Good luck.
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