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Right pain under ribs, need help!!

In Sept, 09 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and went in to have the tumor removed. They did save my kidney. Since my daughter was born in 1999 I have had bulging discs in my lower and middle back which I have found out I also have arthritis through my whole spine because of it. I get shots in my back to block the nerves and help with the pain. In March of this year I had a sharp pain that followed my lower rib from the back to the front. We thought it was my spine and the spine specialist did 6 shots in that location to have no relief. He then decided it was not my back and to go back to my dr. Since April, the pain has been constant, dull and mostly sharp pain under my ribs. It does not go away, it is there all the time. It does get worse after I eat. And nothing but pain meds take away the sharp pain. I have not been on any meds to try to stop it other than pain meds. I have had my gallbladder out when I was 17, I am now 34. I have been pretty healthy since then except for the back and the kidney. I am overweight but have no other causes, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. The pain is right above the liver and appendix. I have had mri, mrcp, ct scan, blood work, ultrasounds, xrays, bone scans with everything coming up normal except for elevated white blood cells and an enlarged liver. I have low grade fevers, nausea once in a while, and chills. I was admitted in the hospital and had the tube down into my stomach and it was also normal. The pain is so bad that I want to stab myself so that someone will look inside to see what is really wrong. I have read every question and comment on here and still don't know if it is oddi or something else. What other tests can I take? What could it be? Why would the white blood cells be high? I know they are when the body if fighting something. Why would the liver be enlarged? Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.
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right quadrant pain is suggestive of some sort of bilary issue.  There a quite a few things this could be such as   choledocholithiasis ( small stones) could be one thing.  Have they performed an ercp?

Ultrasound and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) have relatively high sensitivity rates for the detection of common bile duct stones but small stones and might be missed. Endoscopic ultrasound ( EUS)  may be of benefit as well.
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SOD does not usually present with fever but you could have an infection in the bilary system from stones or other things and have sod as well.    Have you been to see a bilary specialist?
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Thank you. I did not have a ercp yet. I think that is the only test that people seem to get answers from. I have been trying to get into a specialist, but most won't have an opening till end of August. I know that the MRCP showed promenant bile ducts. But they said that is sometimes normal for people that don't have a gallbladder. Did you ever hear of this? I have had plenty of scans due to my kidney and back and this is the first time that they are saying about my ducts. Don't you think they would realize that? So frustrating at this point. Thank you for the help.
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