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Right rib pain, heartburn & liver adenoma

About 7/8 months ago I saw my dr for increasingly worse indigestion/heartburn. I’ve always suffered but it was starting to really bother me, constantly burping (not pleasant for my colleagues!) waking with chest pain etc. I tried ranitidine, omeprazole then lansoprazole. By mid july I was suffering badly with horrible mid stomach pain between my ribs and in right side. Had an ultrasound which found masses on liver, an MRI was done and reported ‘at least 3 types of lesions’ a hemangioma, 2.5cm, a simple cyst 4cm and another mass involving the gallbladder which was reported as ‘uncharacteristic and most likely an adenoma’ at 4.8cm.

My GP gave me the MRI results and basically said it’s all fine off you go, talk to a specialist if you want.. I ended up returning this wk with terrible right rib pain in my back going in to my shoulder & arm, the GP said it’s a pulled muscle and not related to the liver masses. I did have a terrible cold 6wks ago which I am still recovering from & can’t seem to shift so it’s possible from the coughing. It doesn't hurt with movement however.

I’ve had an endoscope privately and have no ulcers or hpylori. Blood tests were taken and I don’t believe anything concerning was shown in terms of my liver function. However the shoulder/rib pain continues, intermittent stabbing mid stomach pain and horrible heartburn. I am interested in any opinions & am wondering if I have just been unlucky with an unknown stomach pain and will have to live with the heartburn..  or if this could be caused by the adenoma or pressure on gallbladder. Having done my own research on liver adenomas I asked to be referred to the gastro to talk about it but I was made to feel like I was making a fuss & was told it’s not a priority.

Interested in any thoughts if the MRI findings do merit discussion & more investigation...
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