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Right side abdominal burning sensation till breast

Hi, I am woman at 36 age and have two daughters. I am generally fit and follow good diet. Recently I joined some exercise classed ( to much of jumping), started green tea. I was doing pranayama as well at least four days in a week.
Recently I am having stomach issues. It started with pain in ribs followed by sudden pain for fraction of seconds after 4 days and after that dull pain which  moved from ribs towards naval. This was very dull pain.
Though this pain was getting over, I have started getting burning sensation in upper abdomen same at right side. It can sometimes be feel in breast as well. I was on mediation of acidity and Buscopan( IBS) for some time when I started getting dull ache. This burning sensation is very irritating which can be feel in breast as well. Most of time it happens in morning after breast fast and sometimes after lunch. Its on and off sensations. Can you please help..My dr. did some blood test and right side ultrasound as well. Nothing can be detected. He has referred me to a specialist. Can you please help.

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