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I just turned 18 on June 2. Up until now, I've had these symptoms since the 3rd week of May.

1.) Weight loss (114 to 103 over a month) yet my appetite is the same
2.) Persistent gagging (have not been throwing up, but I have had severe acid reflux that I have been treating with Dexilant)
3.) Fatigue, not having enough energy
4.) Headaches (made worse at night)
5.) Increased thirst
6.) Ticklish feeling in my throat
7.) Occasional pain at the base of my neck

Any ideas on what can be wrong?
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Also I forgot to mention that I have less frequent bowel movements (Once or twice a week)
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no one thing jumps out. but i would get your thyroid tested. check for diabetes. and keep yourself very hydrated as dehydration can cause a lot of these symptoms. pretty much the only thing you want to drink is water and coconut water. everything else you drink will actually make dehydration worse.
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