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SEVERELY constipated for years

I've always been someone who leaned more towards constipation. When I was younger I remember not going for 3-6 days and then when I did go it was generally because I ate too much unhealthy food and it was accompanied by awful stomach cramps. I am unable to go on my own at all anymore and I'm only 18.

I hope there is someone who can help to clarify things for me and give me some hope that I can make things better.
Here are all my symptoms and anything else I thought might be relevant:

18 y/o female, full time student working busy job 25-35 hours a week

Current symptoms/diagnoses:
Chronic idiopathic constipation, ADHD, anemia, chronic swelling of the hands accompanied with either heat or severe coldness, hands tend to go numb easy and tingle and become very very cold but the rest of my body is hot, fatigue, amenorrhea, I haven't had a regular period in at least a year and have gone the last 6 months or so with seemingly endless dark spotting, but no real period, chronic UTIs that reoccur even after use of antibiotics, low/sensitive blood sugar, newly occurring joint pain in knuckles, hypersensitivity, low to almost no sex drive, usually feel heavily bloated and uncomfortable, hardly ever any stomach pain or cramps or excess gas, unless I have used a laxative  

Current medications:
Adderall 25mg 2x per day, Skyla IUD- placed 4months ago, digestive enzymes, probiotics, constipation homeopathics, senna 50+mg in order to have a small-medium BM, eats a high fiber diet and avoids gluten and too much dairy

Previous medications:
Almost every other BC option- they all made my period last for the entire time I was on them, except the depo shot, which made my period go away completely, depo was the last BC I tried before IUD and I have been off it now for almost 2 years. Every single and as much of any laxative medication you can think of, including Linzess and Amitiza. Stimulant laxatives are the only kind that provided relief, but the effects always wore off really quickly. Dulcolax worked but gave me feelings of an electrolyte imbalance, to the point that I had to go to the hospital. I have also tried so many natural remedies and even colonics. The effects of colonics soon wore off as well and seemed to cause more harm than good and we're very expensive. I have had allergy testing and have a couple food intolerances but notice no effects when I avoid these foods.

If anyone has any new ideas for me I would love to hear them! I desperately need to solve this problem before it takes over my life. Thank you for reading!
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I can speculate on the constipation, but i dont know much about the other symptoms. With that said, what is your diet like? Not sure if you are American or not, but the average American diet is pretty damn awful. Not enough fiber, too much red meat, not enough fruits and veggies, too much fast foods. all of this will wreak havoc on your digestive system over time.
if this is at all you, slowly start to change your diet. Add more fruits and veggies, maybe a fiber supplement. Also, drink more water! Most people do not drink enough of it per day and that is a major cause of constipation. 60oz a day on average. A little more, a little less depending on your body size.
But I would definitely see a GI specialist to test for digestive disorders.
Also, you don't want to take laxitives on a constant basis, they can cause issues, make your digestive system lazy.
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Perhaps thyroid. ...if thyroid out of balance nothing works properly..
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