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STOMACH sore/hot constant more so w movement ,excessive gas AFTER CLINDAMYCIN

I have no diarrehea, urine color normal, no vomiting, no fever, no chills, stools look ok,  but have excessive burping regardless of what I eat or drink, and hot feeling in that area of stomach kind of sore...when I lay flat of my back I don't feel it, when I sit in a chair I can barely tell, but if I walk around I feel best if I put my hand here...I am 135 pounds and 5'3 and do have some weight in stomach area, slight bloating …...it feels like my stomach lining has been disrupted....I am cooking bone broth from chicken, eating yogurt, green/black tea, water, taking colostrum by symbiotics, and renew life intestinew for lining of stomach, renew life probiotic ultra care, banana at least once a day,....ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED...( I did inhale tea tree oil Monday  to open up tube in ear that worked but hope I didn't inhale w mouth too and I also took oregano oil capsules Monday...last clindamycin on sunday morning....symptoms started TUESDAY)
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MY SORENESS IS THE'' SIZE OF a HAND'' ABOVE NAVEL BELOW RIBS.....FEELS HOTS sore especially when I walk around , burping excessively and passing gas.....and I don't drink alcohol
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