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Scar tissues affect on anal fissure

I am an 18 yr. old male.  I've had an anal fissure for quite a few months now.  I have been told from my doctor that it looks like there is some scar tissue on the fissure.  Right now my fissure has sealed up, no bleeding.  The only time I get pain from the fissure is when I deficate.  It is a sharp stinging pain, but no blood.  Also, I have not had any anal spasms or severe tightening of the anal sphincter.  Will the scar tissue make the area where the fissure is weaker and more susceptible to retearing in the future?  Also, if I am not having any spasming of the anal canal would a sphincterotomy be pointless?
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How have you been feeling. Fissures are the worse.
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