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Schwannoma in Posterior Mediastinal

Hi, I'm 43 yr old female. Been active and healthy, but month ago I was diagnosed with a size of 5x4x3cm schwannoma which grew from out layer of lower esophagus, it's connected to my inferior vena cava and aorta... The only symptom I have is food gets stuck right above my stomach if I eat fast. My question here are:
!.   is there any kind of medication/diet to stop tumor growing or to shrink the size? (if the size keeps same or gets smaller, then i'll live with it ... don't want to have surgery..)
2.  is it possible to just cut part of the tumor instead of the whole thing? (cut part of it to try to save my esophagus), as my doctor told me that if I decided to remove it, they may have to cut part of my esophagus off then pull my stomach to my throat... it's scary..
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Hi, schwannomas are nerve cell tumors and they are usually benign. And there are no medications or diet which can control the tumor growth. If the tumor is causing compressive symptoms, it needs to be excised. And it should be excised in toto, if a portion is left behind it has a tendency to re grow. So, based on the location and size your surgeon will plan for excision. You can decide on the surgery based on the symptoms you have, if severe then you can opt for surgery. Please concur with your doctor. Regards. .  
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