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Senna tea, intestinal problems?

Does anyone know anything about senna tea? Ive been taking it for about a year for weight loss, since it causes you to have bowel movments frequently quickly eliminating food from your intestines. Now im having this aching pain that I went to my doctor for and they did x rays in case of a kidney stone. Still waiting on results. Well i decided to look up the senna tea just in case. Ive read that longterm use (6 months or more) can cause conditions such as poor kidney function, kidney stones, inflamed intestines, poor functioning intestines. Now im worried that this is my problem with the ache i have. So my question is, if i stop using the senna tea for good, will these conditons go away? Or have I caused an irreversable problem with my kidneys and intestines? And if this problem will dissipate over time from not using the tea anyomore how long will it take? Please any kind of knowlege or advice is greatly appreciated.
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is your pain on one side or the other???
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It seems to be more on right side of my lower back, around the right side towards the hip and the right front pelvic area and sometimes extending to the upper part of my right leg. Its just a dull ache, not unbearable. Sometimes i get a little jab in the right front pelvic area.
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it sounds like kidney/ureter.  maybe a ct scan or a KUB.  
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I'd stop drinking the senna right now as it can cause liver toxicity and reduce your ability to absorb potassium, which is a fundamental nutrient for your organs to function properly. All responsible senna tea sales sites advise you not to use it for more than 7 days.


There are other ways of losing weight, other teas, please vary whatever you decide to do as drinking one kind of diet tea for a long time seems to do nobody any good. If you have heard good reports that may be because the other people have a different diet and physiology to you, or may even have a commercial interest in saying it works.
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hi kristy,

I have the same problems! Can you please tell me if your symptoms got anybetter? I'm also having bladder issues too!
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