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Sensitive stomach/special diet needed AFTER gallbladder removal

How many of you out there still have a sensitive stomach, i.e. you have to watch fats, milk products, spices AFTER YOUR GALLBLADDER IS TAKEN OUT.  Did you have these problems for long?  A year or more?  Did they ever get better after time?  Did any of you have to stay on a bland diet with constant low fat foods AFTER gallbladder removal?
Did any of you have trouble with milk products, ice cream, fats, fried foods and/or spicy foods AFTER gallbladder removal and for how long after?  Did any of you have years of touchy stomach after removal?  I am talking about dietary restrictions, not abnormal or sharp pain.  I am talking about loose stools, cramps, diahrrea and/or gas after eating certain foods AFTER removal of gallbladder.  In other words:  tricky stomach that needs to be babied and treated with super healthy diet (which isn't a bad thing)....just wondering if gallbladder removal did not allow you to eat ''EVERTHING'' after surgery.  Thanks.  This info is appreciated.  Some foods irritating are coffee, milk, cream, butter, spices, fried foods of all types, greasy burgers, ice cream, milk shakes, certain oily foods, oils, rich desserts, cream sauces, cheese, fatty foods, restaurant foods, onion rings, etc.
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I had my gall bladder taken out because of stones when I was only 7 years old...probably due to complications with a medication I took when I was very young. I'm 24 years old now and I still have a very sensitive stomach and have diarrhea after eating most of the fatty and/or sugary foods you listed.

However, I found that a diet high in fiber helps. The best possible fiber source is (organic) hemp protein with fiber added. I use Nutiva brand (you can find it on the internet). It's the healthiest food on the planet and the fiber in it is very easy to digest. Plus hemp has all 8 essential amino acids, healthy fatty-acids, protein, magnesium, zinc, iron and chlorophyll. It can be expensive though so buy in bulk and some people don't like the taste (I mix it into a shake with milk and a little dab of chocolate syrup).

If you don't like hemp or don't want to spend the money, metamucil will help but is not nearly as good for you as hemp protein with fiber. Hope this helped!
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I have issues with diarrhea after eating all the foods you listed!! After eating at the Chinese Buffet I have to make sure a bathroom is near!!! Ice cream, coffee, burgers...same thing.  It come straight through me and is loose & yellowish.  I have a friend who has the exact same issue she was started on questran powder.  I started taking metamucil capsules & this has REALLY helped.
Good luck & God bless~
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