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Sever upper right abdominal pain

Hi I am 26 yeArs old I have had this issue with my upper right abdominal area. It is just below my sternum and off to the right kinda where your rib starts to turn. What happens is I get this sever pain that comes on gradually and will turn my face pale white I get sweaty hot and I start to not be able to breath and it will last for like 20 to 30 mins then all of a sudden it just goes away like nothing ever happened. I have noticed that is I feel this pain coming on and I chug one or 2 glasses of cold water it makes the pain go right away. I need help with this all my doctors are at a loss so please if any one can help me that would be awsome thank.
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I am sorry I have also had my gallbladder our and my appendix as well so I know it's not any of those
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Do you still have your gallbladder? Does the pain go into your back?
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Gallbladder has been taken out and no pain does not go to my back
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