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Severe Stomach Pain at Night

The pain is between my stomach and esophagus like a ball of sharp nails. It becomes worse when I'm laying down (at night). I tried to take all kinds of heartburn over the counter remedies but they never worked. I had to push my stomach against a table to ease the pain. This pain can go for hours and I'm losing a lot of sleep. I have stopped drinking coffee, soda and tea, chocolates, greasy food, sauces. I'm only eating hard boiled eggs, white rice, bread and oats. I eat a little bit of meat during the day and just drink water. The pain seems to be worse every time and takes longer. What gets me is it does not happen during the day.

I have no health insurance and I can't see a doctor but I want to find a home remedy to cure this pain. Please help.

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sounds like GERD. over the counter meds arent strong enough usually. Pick up over the counter nexium or prilosec and take 2 pills (40mg) in the morning 30 minutes before you eat anything.

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