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Severe constipation/urinary burning for a couple months.

So back in February I was eating lunch and it just came out of the blue. There had been times before where I had a burning/pain sensation in my lower abdomen/vaginal area, but it never lasted for more than an hour. Along with having the urinary issue, I got extremely constipated, and while I haven't been doing a lot to make sure I have more fiber in my diet, it's something that hasn't ever happened so severely before. I hadn't changed anything diet or lifestyle wise, (besides cutting out citrusy, carbonated, and caffeinated beverages & only because they made my abdomen/vaginal pain worse) so I don't know what could have caused it. Now it is May, and I am still having issues. I went into the doctor to see if I had a UTI or a bladder infection, that came back negative. She said I did have some stool build up, and she believes that is causing my bladder to have spasms. She directed me to take Mirolax and benefiber together in my water every day. Is this at all possible that being constipated and having bladder spasms are causing me to have a burning/painful sensation that lasts hours, if not days? Oh, and I forgot to mention that I constantly have rectal pressure. It always feels like I need to use the bathroom, and majority of the time I'm not able to do so. So I just walk around all day feeling like I need to defecate and am not able too.
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I think you will get relief by taking magnesium citrate 500 to 600 mg.  This is not easy to find, even though it is the kind your body can use and will help your discomfort.  Take this in the morning.  If you want to take calcium, take the calcium at night.  Our soil and therefore our food is low in nutrition these days, so many people are deficient in it.  

One brand you can find on line is called NOW.  Just make sure you read the dosage - you will need to take 2-3 of the capsules or caplets to get your full dose.  
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The stool build up is probably putting pressure on your bladder which is causing the burning. I was the same way. I started taking a digestive enzyme called Digest Gold. You can get it on Amazon, its like $75 for 3 months worth. I know, its kind of pricey, but if it helps you relieve the constipation, its worth it.
Is the miralax working? It never worked for me.
Do you drink enough water? 60oz a day?
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Thank you for the input, I'll try that!
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I've only been taking the mirolax for a few days. My symptoms have definitely improved but they are still there. So I'm going to give it a little bit to see if it helps. & I drink a lot of water, but I'm not sure if I reach 60 oz. every day.
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I suggest getting a 20oz water bottle, this way you know you just have to drink 3 refills a day and youre good.
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