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Severe debilitating pain, nausea and bloating.

I am 23 years old, and I have a protruding rib on my left side  My liver and spleen are not pushing on it, although my liver is slightly enlarged.  It is intensely painful to touch.  I have similar pain on my right side, but the rib does not protrude.  

My uterus and ovaries are fine, although I do have some small amounts of endometriosis which has also caused interstitial cystitis.  I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, four biopsies, a liver scan, a spleen scan, abdominal CT scan, and a hydrogen breath test.  

I have severe bloating, up to eight inches around the waist and am often nauseous and have diarrhea for no reason.  I also have waves of pain that come and go at random, starting near my back and moving forward through my abdomen.  These usually last anywhere from one to five minutes and are debilitating.  

My B-12 is low.  I have also been tested for celiac disease and do not have it.  I am in constant pain and have no energy.  Please help me.  
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