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Severe gas and flatulence gall bladder?

Recently I am experiencing severe gas pains under right breast around to lower back.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with ulcers and eroding esophagitis.  Prescriptions and watching my diet cured these ailments.  However my pcp still has me taking prilosec 20mg.  Recently I have started having these pains.  I have been taking beano, before meals, and mylanta if necessary.  Sometimes I get sharp jabbing pains in upper chest area, lasting only seconds.  Due to see pcp in 2 weeks.  If suspect is gall bladder what tests would determine and would the result end in surgery?  ANyone can enlight me until my dr. visit, I would be grateful.
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Went to ER last night, they did ultrasound on my gallbladder.  If gallbladder needs to be removed, then surgery is required.  
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