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Severe hunger pains

For several years now I have had very severe hunger pains. They come and go but lately they have been more severe and stay longer. Sometimes more than two weeks. Food intake usually stops the pain for a while, but I cannot continue to eat six or more times a day. Weight gain is a real issue. Sometimes food makes it worse. Not often. This morning it awoke me from a dead sleep at 2:00 am, even though I had eaten prior to going to sleep at 11. My doctor has done the blood work for an ulcer and it was negative. That's the last I have heard from him on this and I am very concerned. Has anyone had anything similar to this?
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I read you message on medhelp about hunger pains and was wondering you found any relief?  I am suffering from very similar conditions.  3:00 am wake-up from hunger, hot flashes, gnawing in the stomach.  I've had this going on for about 6-months now and it does not seem to be getting better.  I do get some relief from Prevacid but it is not consistent.  I'm not sure what started my problems but they all started after I had a kidney stone.  I was taking Flomax to help pass the stone which makes me suspect as to maybe causing an ulcer or something but my doctor said it unlikely.  Pain meds can cause ulcers, so you need to ask yourself if you've taken many meds in the past the my have screwed up your stomach.

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I had pains similar to this when I found out I was lactose intolerant.  I couldn't eat enough and oddly enough I craved a lot of the food that was causing the problem.  Just a thought...once I cut out the dairy, it took several weeks but the pains went away.  I have been lactose free for almost 12 years.  Now, have problems with Gall Bladder but that is a whole other story.
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I've had the same problem several months ago and i would also burp all the time. The Drs. thought I had a ulcer, but my endoscopy showed nothing. The pains finally went away. The pains are back again and I have no idea what is causing it. I thought maybe I was lactose intolerent so I didn't eat cheese for a day and then I had it the next day and I was fine. I'm going to another Dr. on Monday and I hope she can find what's causing this.
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