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Severe pain and bloating without any diagnosis

Hello everyone. For 3 months I am suffering like hell especially after eating.

My main symptoms are:
- severe bloating to the point of cardiac problems (roemheld syndrome)
- sore beneath the lower right rib
- belching after eating or drinking anything
- immense pain in the neck and between the shoulder blades especially after eating
- shortness of breath due to bloating
- bright stool (mostly yellow/green/orange)
- bitter taste in mouth

Following tests were done:
- endoscopy
- H2 breathing tests to rule out SIBO and other intolerances
- barium swallow
- ultrasound of the abdomen
- blood tests
- stool tests

They can't find anything yet I am suffering on a daily basis to the point I am scared of eating. The docs said I should change my diet, yet I tried every possible diet: ketogenic, paleo, low-fat, low histamine. Nothing worked!
My guess is that it has something to do with the gallbladder (soreness below right rib, neck pain after eating). But they said it's not the gallbladder since I do not have any gallstones. What tests can be done to find a diagnosis? My life is miserable. The bloating is so severe that I can't breathe sometimes because it feels my diaphragm has no place to move. And the pain in the back after eating is killing me.
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Have you tested for lactose intolerance? I would suggest eliminating dairy products for a time to see if that’s the cause.  It worked for me.
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Good question above.  Also, are you a man or woman?  
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