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Severe stabbing abdominal pain under left rib cage

Ok... I am 41 and have had this stabbing pain under my left rib cage accompanied by burping, mostly at night for about 11 years now. The first time it happened it woke me out of a dead sleep and I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the emergancy room and they said I had pleurisy. So months would go by and then I'd have another attack and this went on for years until I after taking some ibuprofen I got really bad heartburn. That is when my doctor and I suspected maybe these "pleurisy" attacks are maybe something to do with my stomach. I took prilosec and the heartburn went away.  I've did have some episodes after a fatty meal of feeling nauseated. I have kids and work at school and usually get the stomach flu once a year.  The last time I got the stomach bug I thought I was going to die, I had stopped vomitting but my stomach was in sooo much pain. The ER doctor thought I had bad gastritis. So of course was given prilosec and anti nausea meds.  I recovered but about 6 months later I could no longer sleep at night. The pressure/burning in my chest and the burping was very incomfortable at night. The gastro doctor I saw was unsure what was causing my trouble, I was taking 80mg of prilosec a day and was getting no relief at night. I usually felt fine during the day but couldn't sleep at night.  I then had a endoscopy which showed mild inflammation. The hida scan showed my gall bladder functioning at 14%.  So 8 months ago I had my gall bladder out. I was pretty good for about 5 months, when ( after wrestling in the living room and hitting my abdomen on the ottoman, my sons a wrestler, not sure if this has anything to do with it) even though it didn't really hurt at the time, that night the burping and rib discomfort started again and hasn't stopped since.  I tried about 40 mg of prilosec day for about 10 days and got no relief.  I quit coffee for a few weeks, no help. I rarely drink soda. I'm now trying some probiotics and may try some ginger.  I'm also trying to lose some weight. I'm 5'5" and about 152 now. My symptoms have changed some, now I can usually get to sleep but  I awaken anywhere between 5-6 and the discomfort/burning/pressure in my chest won't allow me to sleep. As soon as I am up and around and eat a little I am fine all day. It almost feels like it is worse if I don't eat.  Some times if I stretch or cough I can feel the sharp pain in the same left rib cage area. I may try some anti-gas meds cuz I can almost feel the pressure move up into my rib cage and if I don't sit up and burp it will become a sharp pain.  I didn't like the gastro doc/office I attended and so haven't called back. I should call my doctor and revisit this issue  but just feeling like there are no answers. Any advice is welcome!
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When you are eating be sure to eat your meat first and then carbs and vegetable. also go online and get some betaine hca to help protein metabilism. In the future you will need to get some Kangen water
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