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Severe stomach cramps, foul poo and very weak, can any1 help

Hi there,

I hope I can get a little support from people here. Starting on sunday night, I began to shiver uncontollably, so I went to bed. In the morning, I had developed a bad headache which lasted until tuesday, only to be replaced with severe stomach cramps. These cramps are so bad, they come in waves and for the past couple of nights I have not slept, the pain is too great.

I called for the emergency doctor only to be confonted with the fact that the doctors in my region are incredibly lazy and dont care. I felt terribly dizzy and sick from my stomach as I made my way to the doctors, he was a very young doctor who seemed to take certain things, ignoring the rest, moulding them into a ball and coming up with a 50/50 diagnosis, which was that I had a Urinal infection. I was prepared to give that one a go, he gave me antibiotics and I have since taken 5 (5th this morning)

My stomach pains have not subsided at all, something which I told him yesterday. They get so bad at night. He just repeats the same thing, its like he isn't listening to the whole story, he only goes down two routes (kidney, urinal) but just a glance on the internet shows there are numerous conditions.

He noticed blood in my urine so thats why he diagnosed a urinal infection, but what I want to know is, would a urinal infection cause such intense, wicked cramps in my stomach? How long do I have to wait for these magic pills to work? The last time I visited him, there were three items in his taskbar on the PC and one of them read 'sky sports news'

Well, i'd appreciate you kind help. Myy name is Jon, im 25 in the UK. Thanks for reading and putting up with my rants.
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Over and above the fact that you may have a UTI, if you're having continued diarrhea you should ask the doc to do a stool test.

There can be numerous causes for bad diarrhea. Rule out the possibility of any bacterial cause, or of any ova/parasites.

In the meantime, try staying away from dairy and you might consider adopting a BRAT diet for awhile.
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