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Severe stomach cramps and diarrhea, passing out

Hi.  I was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago.  I have had severl episodes where I have severe stomach cramping, chronic diarrhea (brown water), vomiting and this past time almost passing out.  I'm concerned this may be more than just IBS.  The triggers:  lettuce and tomatos.  Any ideas or suggestion because this last episode scared me and my family.  Blood pressure went very low as well.
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You have every symptom of dehydration!  You have lost electrolytes, and the only way to repenish them is to drink plenty of gatorade (diluted with 50% water) orange juice, eat bananas, and of course lots of water.  It will take at least a week for you to feel a 100%.  
Anytime you are going at both ends, you can become dehydrated, so make sure you stay hydrated at all times.  Your BP drops more upon standing because the blood thickens and the heart can't pump it as quickly, and this is what causes the dizziness and passing out.  Dehydration is very serious, and if you get so bad that you do pass out, go to the ER for IV hydration.  It will only take a few hours.
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That is what I did yesterday, went to ER.  The problem is during these episodes I cannot keep anything in my system.  I've found a possible trigger though, lettuce and tomatoes.  Today is a better day after getting rehydrated at hospital.  All tests came back normal.  My go see a Gastrointerologist
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I have had this disorder since I was 12, it has ruined my life. I can't travel and even if I have to I have to wake up earlier just to get it out of my system before departing.  Of course, as soon as I get into the car my brain starts and my fear takes over and wins.  At some occurences, I have had to pull over and go anywhere.  The urge is uncontrollable.  When I say I have to go; I have to go immediately.   I have hidden away in my shell for fear of an attack.  There are days I go 10 times a day, there are no triggers with foods.  The only thing I find that is beneficial is living on oatmeal and shredded wheat with banana every day.  Also, found that Activia yogurt works if you eat it every day.
Here's the best and worst part:  Pain medication (percocet, vicodin, or any opiate) is my cure.  Every time I am on this medication, I am fine.  I flat out told Dr. that I need this to control this disorder.  The Dr. is great allowinig me to take this on regular basis but now I have an addiction to that.  I don't care.  It works and I don't know why they don't give it to people like the one girl who passes out from this.  I know the pain is unbearable until it is relieved from going so again, this is where pain meds are beneficial.  No Dr. wants to give you these, nor do they want you to become addicted.  I honestly told the dr. at the age of 50, who cares.  I would rather have the addiction then live like this.  I also pleaded with Dr. to allow me to try this so I can live my life somewhat normally.  Some of you might hate or can't tolerate pain meds, but you will adjust to the medication.   I can't leave my home.  I am a prisoner to the bathroom.  I hate when there are plans to go out to eat, I hate going to work but I am currently unemployed.
The only problem now, is when I run out of pain meds, I am worse than ever.  So, I try to be careful and not to exceed dosage, but it happens when you become addicted.
I have been on all the IBS drugs, even the tranquilizers, nothing works.  Stress is the only thing that worsens it and alcohol, but I am not a drinker anymore.
As mammo addressed, she had to go to ER due to dehydration, I am not suprised.  I have gone days without eating just to avoid an attack.  I just take sips of water.  But she shouldn't have to go through with that.
My question is do we have Crohn's Disease or Colitis and how do they tell the difference?
I hope you all don't think I am out of my mind trying to get you all on pain medication.  I am not.
I am just letting you know that it has been the only thing that has controlled the consistent
diarrhea.  I am not proud of living on this stuff but I am able to go shopping and out to eat like a normal human being.
Thanks for listening and keep in touch, it is a living nightmare!
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