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Severe stomach pain through to back

This year I have been having bouts of severe stomach pain  (center, bottom of ribcage) going straight through to my upper/middle back. I thought it may be food related, but it has happened after eating different types of foods (meat/not meat, various levels of greasiness as well). Also it tends to happen 5-12 hours after I eat, often waking me up at night. It usually lasts about an hour and consists of me curled up on the floor in a fetal position, but kneeling. This is the only position that helps. Also, drinking large amounts of water helps too -1liter at a time. A couple of times it went away after vomiting, while other times it went away after defecating, and sometimes after an hour it goes away by itself, leaving me to urinate often from all the water.  So far it's happened only a handful of times, but lately, it's been occuring  more frequently, and I can have a similar sensation, but a lot less severe. Again, alleviated by drinking much water. This discomfort is not lower-back. It is more between T4 & T6.
I went to the local clinic and basically was charged $150 for having my blood pressure checked and urine analyzed. I really want to know what this could be so I can go to the doctor and say test me for xy and z, since I have no insurance. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  
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forgot to mention that it is not a burning nor a stabbing pain. Actually, it feels like I'm impaled by a spear. I also feel very cold when this happens, shaking uncontrollably, and uncomfortable breathing. I am usually exhausted after this happens and fall in and out of sleep.
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Gall Bladder attack or cholic, it is very painful, put it into your search engine then you can print out foods you can eat and what to avoid, dont eat in the evening, eat early no Dairy no wheat, go on a low fat diet try apple juice when it is hurting, Cucumbers are good to help also Beets, it is all to do with youer eating, small meals , you can fast to get rid of the pain for a day or two. There is a lot of information out there.
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probably your gallbladder.  go to the ER and demand that you get a gallbladder ultrasound and an hida scan.  i suffered with the exact pain you describe for months before finally going to the ER in a severe attack that lasted all night.  they sent me home in excruciating pain and when i saw my PCP she automatically treated me and sent me to a surgeon.  my gallbladder was infected which can be life threatening.  do not leave without getting your gallbladder checked to make sure...you have the right.  
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it appears to have shared symptoms, but:... -it's not "right side" specific. Actually, it feels more like the left shoulder blade area. Also why the need to keep drinking water to avoid a backache.  
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You could have a gallstone that is blocking a pancreatic duct. I had simaler pain and had to have my gallbladder removed. Still had the pain 3 months after the surgery, turns out I had a gallstone that was blocking my duct. Very painful! Demand an MRI or CT scan.
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Plus, what I've read on gallbladder, it that it happens right after you eat...This happens more often 5 hours after I've eaten.
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