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Severe upper abdominal pain

I need info. Had endoscopy (esophageal stricture) 2/05, GB removed 9/07 and still have the same pain as before either. Does not seem to be affected by food. Never have naseau, vomiting, or diarrhea. The pain starts urq abdomen and center and goes up into my jaw on right side (feels like teeth are hurting). Have this pain an average of 5 times per month. On scale of 1 to 10 its a 12! Lasts for several hours. I have to keep walking when its hurting. Take Levbid, Prilosec. Levbid helps after a hour or two. I hate the side effects (blurred vision is the worst) so I only take it as a last resort. I'm a 41 year young female in otherwise pretty good health. Any advice will be appreciated.
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Check out SOD.  It is not as uncommon as they say.  I have met many people in a group at yahoo groups that have the same thing post gallbladder removal.  Getting a diagnosis is the hardest as there are not very many doctors with knowledge of it.  The group at yahoo is SOD pancreatitis.  Good luck & God bless!
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Thanks for the info. I did check out SOD and I do have those symptoms. I also feel so bloated after eating very little. I have gained 12 lbs. since having GB removed in Sept. but I don't eat alot. I always feel like I'm gonna explode or something. I know this extra weight doesn't help but would it cause me to feel this way? I'm 5'4 and weigh 154. I hate to go back to the dr. because I have alot of bills already. I've had 2 surgeries since Sept. So any info is appreciated. Thanks again and God bless you also!
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I doubt the extra weight would do that to you.  I would recommend seeing a good gastroenterologist.  I hear ya about the surgeries & bills!!  I can relate.  I had 1/2 my thyroid out in December then started battling all the GI stuff.  CT scans EGD's tons of lab...ughhhh I need a loan just to pay the bills!    

Did you have any issues with your pancreas before your GB surgery? What prompted the removal?  Did you have stones?  Do have have any nausea/vomiting or any differences with your bowels??

Hang in there. God Bless.
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Thanks for your reply. Are you doing ok after your surgery? Are you GI problems related to surgery in any way? Yeah, the bills! I just hate to have any more! My hubby must be getting tired of it I'm sure.

I've never had any pancreas trouble nor nausea/vomiting or bowel problems. Just gerd which I take prilosec for. I had lived with heartburn for years. My gallbladder was diseased with small stones (so they said!) The thing is, the problems I'm having now are exactly the same as before. I've actually had these symptoms for about 3 yrs. Not all the time. I just never know when it'll hit! I normally wouldn't worry about it but the pain has gotten even worse and more often lately.

What GI problems are you having? Have they been resolved?
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my GI problems have pretty much resolved....i get a mild twinge from time to time but it's bareable & not consistent.  i think that is when my sphincter of oddi spasms.  so far i have decided not to have the ERCP w/manometry (that's the only way to diagnose SOD) as the risks of it at this time are out way my pain by far.  the only thing i continue to have is a mildly elevated amylase level but my pancreas looks normal on CT....so i am playing it by ear & doing a lot of praying ;)  the GI problems started just after my thyroid issues happened which caused me a lot of stress & stress makes SOD worse ~ go figure the flare up then.  since surgery & finding out my nodule in my thyroid was benign things have been much calmer for me thus less problems with SOD.  i can relate it to eating poorly & stress....some people can some don't.  check out this group at yahoo....sphrincter of oddi  pancreatitis.  they are awesome!!!  michelle is great & they have lots of info.  have you had any tests run???
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I'm so glad your nodule was benign-I can understand the stress! I have a nodule in my left lung that I have checked once a year. Thank God so far it hasn't changed. I haven't had any tests since before I had my gb removed in Sept. Mainly because I've had so much going on. I had foot surgery Dec. 28 and haven't really got that straightened out yet. I would like to find out what is causing my pain but I can't really afford it right now. Even with insurance I owe so much!  Another reason I hate to go to the dr is because it seems like I never get any answers. I had to go to the ER in Aug.07 for these very same symptoms, ended up having my gb out and still have the same thing. I should tell him I want a refund cause it didn't work! HA
My sister in law had her thyroid removed so I know what trouble it can cause. I'll pray also that you get well soon. Thanks
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Like I said above, I had an endoscopy 2/05 and they dilated my esophagus (stricture) but even then these abdominal pains didn't go away. Now, I'm back to feeling like I have a lump in my throat! It seems like when I eat it goes away.This just restarted a couple of days ago. It feels like its where the thyroid is. I had that checked several years ago and was normal. Now I'm wondering if this weight gain and everything could be related to thyroid problems?
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it poss could be.  maybe get your thyroid levels checked???
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