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Shaky Muscles Entire Body

I am a 36 year old male with no other conditions/diseases. Muscles in my entire body have been shaky. They mostly shake when I’m doing the opposite of a contraction. For example if I raise my hands up in the air when I lower them down slowly my shoulder shake. This happens to every body part my legs calves arms, etc. Anytime I sit up or lay down I feel my abdomen shake.

I am very active and the shaking usually doesn’t bother me when I do cardio or strength training, but I can feel it in every exercise in the negative portion of every movement (Eccentric muscle contraction).

I have seen a Neurologist and Gastroenterologist and have had many labs and imaging including labs for thyroids, calcium, creatinine, magnesium levels, hepatitis, cirrhosis, inflammatory diseases etc. I’ve had abdominal ct scans, ultrasounds and mri as well as a brain mri. I’ve also had an EMG checking for ALS, colonoscopy and upper endoscopy.
My only abnormal labs were slightly elevated unconjugated bilirubin and slightly elevated alkaline phosphtase.
My doctor said I probably have Gilberts Syndrome (high bilirubin) but I’m not convinced.

I’m having trouble building muscle and losing belly fat even though I exercise a lot. I’m not sure what I should do next, I’m considering a spinal mri.

Any suggestions/support would help! Thank you.
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