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Sharp pain upper right quadrant just under rib cage

I am a 32 year old African American male. For the past few years I have been having sharp right upper quadrant pain that is very intermittent. The pain is enough to stop me from what I am doing but not enough to make me fall down. The pain lasts less than 10 seconds then completely resolves. While the pain episode is occuring, deep breaths make the pain worse.

I have been to the doctor about the pain and I have had a right upper quadrant ultrasound that did not show any abnormalities. I would also not that I am a student and while in school I do have pain that is worse in the afternoon. This pain is different and is more of a dull annoying pain. I suspect ulcers but I have not had any confirmation.

I have had blood pressures about 140/90 over the past few year and my total cholesterol is high ~210 with LDL of ~160, HDL ~38, these values have been in and around this for the past 4 years. Also have occassional back pain which is worse when running/jogging on hard pavement.

My father is alive and had a heart attack at the age of ~62. Mother is about the same age with no known conditions. He also has had high cholesterol along with his sister. I am from the Caribbean and moved to the US when I was about 18 years old. Currently taking no medications.

Any ideas on what could be occurring both with the sharp and dull pain.
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