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Short ness of breath, abdominal bloating, chest pain

Okay so I'm 24. All of this started about mid July when my appendix ruptured. I was pregnant at the time, kept going to the er/gp where I told them all of my symptoms, fevers, chills, constipation, severe abdominal pain, vomiting. Since I was indeed pregnant they blamed all of my symptoms on being pregnant instead of doing tests to figure out why I was having FEVERS & CHILLS. So finally after the 10th day of having a ruptured appendix I told them I couldn't take it anymore & they had to figure it out. I made them do tests. Had a ct scan & turns out my appendix had ruptured. DUH. i was admitted to the hospital, they placed a drain in my stomach as my appendix had formed an abcess. Gave me 5 different types of antibiotics then sent me home after a week with a drain coming out of my stomach for another 2 weeks. Oh btw I lost my child in the hospital. After 2 weeks they removed the drain & told me what was left of my appendix did not need to be removed but that another abscess could form but it was unlikely. Anyway , I was fine for about a month after than. Then I started having terrible diarrhea & stomach pain & low grade fevers that llasted 2 weeks. My stomach would get so bloated that I could not breathe. I started panicking about it. Kept going to my gp for these symptoms & they blamed it on acid & a stomach virus that was going around without doing any tests. Finally after the 10th time of going to the er & Doctor they ordered a stool test that indicated I had c diff. I was prescribed flagyl. That was the worst medicine ever. Made me dizzy , still had major stomach pains. Anyway , after 10 days of that I tested negative for c diff. But the stomach pains got worse. & now it feels like it's up in my chest. I can barley breathe when standing. My stomach is heavy. I feel like I have to throw up after eating ANYTHING. Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning. Like something is stuck in the middle of my chest. I've had 2 chest x-rays that were normal. A ct of my chest that was normal. A ct of my abdomin that was normal. A endoscopy & biopsies of my stomach & esophagus & that was all normal. I've tried omeprazole, gas x, probiotics, & I barely eat. I am now on Zoloft (1 month so far) because I panic everytime I feel like I can't breathe (isn't working) Sometimes I get this tingly feeling in my legs also. I'm just so confused on what I could do next. I'm like miserable everyday. I don't smoke. Don't drink.
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