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Sickness for 8 years

Please some one must know I must of seen about 8 doctors now! For the past 8 years I have been nausea and gag reflex is easily activated. I have been for many tests barium meal showed no blockage, endoscope showed acid reflux and doctors kept telling me this for 3 years.

Then they said I had an anxiety disorder my life is about at breaking point logging medication all the acid reflux meds make me feel really sick and make me gag omperazole, lansopzole, Zantac etc tried loads none have worked. I have tried many herbal aloe Vera made me feel ill and like I wanted again to gag all day long, ginger helps a bit to much and I get the same sysmptoms. Bicarbonate of Soda has been the closes but if I take 2 or more does and again yes I have horrible sysmptoms.

Now I litterly feel daily after every time I eat I burp acid up and burn my throat I don't even know what to think anymore my doctors keep all saying its in my head and I don't feel like it is. I tried amtriptyline and that helps a tiny bit and benzo helps a little bit. All the ssri make me very ill

I don't know what to do my life is getting so rubbish because of this
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are you eating the proper diet for acid reflux? No coffee, tea, chocolate, tomato, onion, garlic, dairy.
You want to eat foods that are easily digested. Stay away from processed foods, fatty foods, definitely no fried foods.
Try eating plain steamed chicken, veggies, and rice. See if a meal like that still causes the problem.
Another thought is to try Digest Gold. it is a top of the line digestive enzyme that may help. You can get it on amazon.
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