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Slightly elevated Amylase/Lipase

I have slightly elevated amylase lipase levels (amylase 127 normal range 21-101; lipase 82 normal range 7-60_. my stomach ultrasound and abdomen pelvic CT scan was normal. GI requested several other blood work which was also normal. He then advised me to do a MRI MCRP of abdomen, this also came out normal. I do experience sort of a swelling/inflammation around my navel area, and also get gurgling sounds whenever I press around that area and release. this is not the case only after having food, but even early morning before breakfast too my stomach seems to be bloated and sense of heaviness. GI thought it was pancreas related, but seems based on report and blood work that is not the case. any inputs on this or anyone experience similar? appreciate inputs..
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Just to add - I was prescribed ZenPep (equivalent of Creon)  Lip/Prot/Amyl 24000/76000/120000 unit capsule. 2 capsules to be taken 3 times a day. this is probably to bring the amylase lipase levels down. but I still experience bloating issues. since MRI MRCP report and blood work related to pancreas was normal, not sure what could be the reason for the slight elevated amylase/lipase. and if the abdominal bloating/swelling is something related. appreciate if someone can please share views if they have gone through the same.
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Appreciate if anyone has any responses/feedback on my case. thank you !
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