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I have only just found out that I have Gastroparesis - I also have diabeties type 2 - I have been trying to slim for years now and my sugar levels are rubbish even by not having sweet things - so I presume this condition has prevented me loosing weight and has given me this stomach that makes me look pregnant besides other symptons - How am I supposed to loose weight now???? From what I've read so far I can only get worse!!!!!!!!

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Well liturature I have read says to cut down on fibre including fruit and veg when you have Gastroparesis because it just makes it worse and I haven't put on weight I didn't say that I just can't loose it - I've been the same weight for years and just can't loose it!!!!
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Hi there!

Gastroparesis is unlikely to be the primary factor for increased weight gain. If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts of calories with carbohydrates, proteins, fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals. Skipping any of the food components is not considered healthy. Also when aiming at losing weight the protein intake may be slightly increased and the carbohydrate intake slightly lowered. The calorie requirement should also be adjusted for ones physical activities as well. Lower than adequate calorie intake can also cause weight gain, due to the stress hormones kicking in. Start with a healthy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner. Also keep a track of calorie intake and your work out. With gradual consistent efforts, you should be able to lose weight as desired in a healthy way.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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