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Small Bowel Obstruction

My husband is a liver patient.  He is on the list and has been called four times.  Unfortunately, he has been unable to get a good one.  From April 7 to October 7 he was in the hospital.  He had to have surgery due to a small bowel obstruction which was most likely brought on by his double hernia operation.  He is home now, but all day has been throwing up.  He is confused a little and I am concerned because he does get encephaloptic.  I am worried he has another sbo.  Is this possible and how will I know when I should call the ambulance?  I am afraid to go to sleep this evening as he might not be responsive in the am.  He has been in the hospital 3 times this month already for high ammonia levels.  
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If you're worried it's time to call your doctor and ask some questions.
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High ammonia levels are serious.  You need to start alkalizing his body...immediately.  Go to health food store and buy pH test strips.  Wheat grass is  a good alkalizer, also buy refrigerated probiotics.  Look up the 10 ten detoxing foods.  Watch and KNOW every chemical he is putting in his mouth.  MSG has 13 different names and all are deadly.  Immediately start him on a food cleansing diet.
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