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So This is Bile Gastritis?

I'm a 43 year old male, slightly overweight at 217lbs & 6'2" but active 5-7 days per week and down from 325lbs for 4 years now.

I started having upper right abdominal pain (more like intense intermittent discomfort/ache) about a year ago that would improve a bit with eating and get worse between meals and towards morning when sleeping.  My gallbladder had been removed 2-3 years prior.  Stools were yellow-ish brown with pretty high quantities of undigested food still in them.  On occasion, the discomfort would radiate down to the lower right quadrant or around to my kidney area or down my right flank.

GP did a full exam, variety of blood tests, put me on sucralfate 3 times daily with meals, sent me to a Gastro where I had a full consult plus an upper endoscopy.  By the time I got to the endoscopy, I was feeling pretty darn good again...assuming the sucralfate doing its job.  General diagnosis was bile gastritis due to reflux into the stomach from a constant flow of bile from the liver, absent a gallbladder to regulate it.

A year later, similar set of symptoms have returned plus a weird sensation in the mornings and between meals of being "low on sugar" or "jittery" or "on edge" - hard to really describe.  Also, my bowel movements have become more yellow than last year (I think), and again contain undigested food.  Once again, put me on sucralfate and this time 4 times daily (1 before each meal plus one before bed); also a double dose of Nexium OTC each morning upon waking. Tested for basic liver and pancreas enzyme levels plus glucose levels (non-fasting):  AST 22, ALP 55, ALT 22, Amylase 42, Lipase 16, Glucose 96 (nonfasting), HGB A1c 5.2%.

It's been 5 days on sucralfate and things are slowly improving (fewer episodes, but still pretty intense when they occur and I tested semi-fatty food at lunch which triggered it a little - chicken enchiladas, refried beans, salad, chips n salsa).  I can do HIIT cardio and my regular strength training routine with no troubles (I even feel better during and afterwards), for what it's worth.  I'm on a good probiotic and make sure to soak 2 Tbsp chia seeds in water and drink it daily to ensure I get some extra non-fermenting fiber in my diet.

From what I see, my enzymes and glucose levels are normal and the sucralfate seems to be slowly helping again (it took 2-3 weeks to totally take care of first time), but the yellow and undigested, yet mostly soft & well-formed, stools freak me out a little.

Here's my question - Should I push for more diagnostics or wait it out another couple of weeks and assume the bile reflux gastritis theory is a good one if symptoms once again dissipate fully?  Does this seem like a plausible diagnosis or is there something else I should ask they look into?  Can stomach inflammation such as gastritis due to bile reflux cause food to move quickly enough through the bowels that it remains undigested and/or yellow-ish in color?
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