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Social Anxiety Gas ?

Hello everyone , I hope you all are having a good day :)
I decided to post this here since I`m too afraid to tell anyone else. You see for the past two years I have been having a problem where I have had excessive gas. Literally every few minutes I fart at school . It just happened one day randomly and continued since.
I remember the day clearly , I came back from recess after playing soccer , I sat next to this guy and just started farting. Every couple of minutes and since then it has continued. This has wrecked my entire social life and now I have no friends.
I did some research and found out that this may have something to do with social anxiety , I`ve been socially anxious ever since I was a littler kid. Now ( after the farting ) problem I`m even worse , before I could actually talk to people but now I literally can`t talk to anyone ( because nobody wants to talk to the smelly kid ) . I have no friends and i just spend the entire day at school and only talk when the teachers asks me something. I am also too afraid to talk to teachers too now and my grades are dropping since I`m too scared to ask anybody for help . I barely pass with 50s and 60s ( I`m in grade 9 atm ).

Every day I go to school sit down and just start farting , when it started in March-ish 2014 it was`nt too much farting but over time it has grown. Now it happens all the time , mostly when I`m sitting next to people at school , it doesn`t happen when I`m alone ( usually ) so I`m once again assuming this is a social anxiety issue.

I also noticed that drinking water helps. Some days I fart more then others , some days I don`t fart at all but even if I`m not farting I smell weird.  

Some personal info : I`m a boy , I`m 15 , I`ve been having this problem for 2 years .\
I also read this post from 2010 : http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Gastroenterology/Extreme-gas--related-to-anxiety/show/1305918
This guy and I literally have the same problem , also just like he said I also can`t smell the farts but I know others can ( I can hear them breathing heavily ).
Once again ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED ! sorry for the long post , bye :)
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drink lots of water, look up what foods cause gas and limit them in your diet, seek out a therapist to help you with your anxiety. Anxiety can cause lots of gastro issues (like gas). Learning how to control the anxiety should lessen the gas
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No I haven`t tried that yet , but I will now. Thanks
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Have you tried activated charcoal tablets? They may be able to help if there is excessive gas.
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