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Spastic Colon Doctors Stumped

For the last 2 months I have been dealing with BM at least 20-30 times a day.  The BM are come with contractions that affect my whole body, pressure at the rectum area and terrible pain.  The doctors have done all the tests and they have never seen this before and in the mean time I'm stuck in my house in pain and very discouraged.  I need help badly!!  Anyone have any answers.  THANK YOU!!!
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I feel like I need to have a BM ,I to the bathroom and the only thing that comes out is clear mucus.  The pressure and pain are coming from that contractions.  Pressure in my rectum and all around that area.  the pain and pressure also goes down my legs and in my back.
I have had 2 ct scan with contrast, 2-colonoscopys, all  types of blood work and stool samples are are normal except my WBC is high
Weight loss and lack of hunger.
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Google Merck manual very good and find IBD.

Your pain in rectum?

Could you be more specific with your symptoms?

I'm no doctor, but I'll help if I can.
Go to Wikipedia and read on inflammation and IL 10 and other cytokines.......was WBC high?

Minced Garlic in bottle with water and phosphoric acid is good for inflammation.   Google garlic IL 10.   Put fork full in mouth and drink with glass of water 2 times per day.... It will take 6 months or more for results to be seen.

Merck manual will tell you about Anticytokine drugs about 2 months for results to be seen.
Drugs like Infliximibad which work FASTER than garlic in REDUCING TNF and other Inflammatory cytokines.  Just find IBD.
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Normal GI:
stomach digests food and leaves stomach in acedic LIQUID form.    It enters the small intestine where the Ph is raised by bile and pancreatic juices before MOST Nutritients and water are removed or taken UP by the blood vessels in the small intestine lining.   More solid Liquid enters Large intestine where stool is gradually formed by the removal of more/more water.

Inflammed Colon:
Think of this colon as being filled with BLOOD which it is because of the Inflammation so the water CANNOT BE REMOVED from the LIQUID in Large intestine.........THIS IS WHY YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM 2O TIMES PER DAY!

A  PRESSURE DIFFERENCE Difference MUST be present for the flow of water or Oxygen or Carbon dioxide to occur.  And the flow is from the high pressure to the LOWER pressure so you actually have water leaking from your colon lining into the colon cavity-BM 20 times/day.    I have Proctitis and despite getting my inflammation, pain and Burning under control, I still have anal Leakage.   This Leakage is due to the fact that the blood INSIDE the vessels in the colon lining is putting a Greater pressure than the water in the LIQUID stool so LEAKING despite just having ONE BM daily.
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