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Sphincter Of Oddi Dysfunction

Since Jan. of '09 I have been having attacks with tremendous pain below the breast bone. These were occuring every few months. The first time I was told it was GERD. The second visit to the hospital they found a stone in my Gallbladder, I had the gallbladder removed 9/1/2009. It was enflamed, diseased and my stone was 2cm. March 7, 2010 I had another attack and was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with SOD. He said all along I was probably having pancreatitis. From March 7th until April 21, 2010 I was having tremendous digestive problems, pancreatitis and lost 25 lbs. On April 21st I had a sphincterotomy. The doctor said that the ducts were dialated and the pressure was one of the highest he has ever seen. No stents. And by the way, I have pancreatic divisum too which was not addressed during the sphincterotomy because my pressures indicated that I would have great relief just from the sphincterotomy. Since then, my digestion is better. I don't eat anything questionable though and eat only small meals. My biliary pain on the right has never went away and now I am having pains on the left and below the breast bone again. I do not go back to the specialist until June 7. Is there more that can be done? Will I always have to follow a very strict diet? Why do you suppose I am still having pain. Because I am having pain, does that mean my pancreas could be becoming damaged? My primary doc just checked my amylase and lipase last week and the levels were ok. I am trying peppermint capsules and lots of digestive enzymes from the health food store. They seem to help a little. Are there any dangers in these supplements?
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I had a sphincerectomy in September. The sphincter was plugged, they cleaned it out and cut the sphincter, no stent for me either. I was doing good, but now I am having pain again. I just had blood work done on Thursday and will be having another ultrasound done on Monday. I sure hope I don't have to have another ERCP done. As for the supplements, I don't deal in those, but let me know if they work. I am willing to try anything myself right about now. I won't get my test results until June 3rd. Since our small town hospital closed, wait times are getting longer. I do go to the big city hospitals for any procedures I need done. Good Luck! Keep me posted and I will do the same.
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The supplements do seem to help. I take digestive enzymes when I eat and a peppermint capsule a half hour before I eat. The peppermint is supposed to help relax smooth muscles which is what the sphincter of oddi is. Take a capsule though so it doesn't dissolve too quickly and relax the upper muscles in your stomach and give you acid reflux.
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