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Spots on Liver on CT Scan

My husband is 39 years old.  He's been having pain in his side. A CAT Scan with contrast showed a spot on his liver, and I am freaking out.  We have two young daughters.  We married almost right out of college, and I have never had to "make it" on my own.  One reason I am really freaked is that my mother had metastatic colon cancer in her liver, and she died from it.  The doctors could not get it out of her liver.  Everyone is telling me to calm down, that it could be nothing.  I have read that a possibility could be a hemangioma.  However, I have read that they are most commonly found in women.  So what are the chances that my husband could have one?  

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Keep in mind that the vast majority of lesions in a health liver are usually benign. So, unless your husband has dealt with a long, chronic liver disease that has caused advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis, you can relax and let the doctors do their thing. A liver metastasis however is a different issue as you are already unfortunately aware.

Take care.
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