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Spots on liver on CT scan

My husband had colorectal cancer but they got it all out and had a endorectal sonogram and was negative.  He had a CT scan and they found spots on his liver.  The doctor said that the technologist said he didn't think it was anything but the doctor sent him for an MRI.  We haven't got the results back yet.  Had it done Wednesday and called Friday and they should have had the results by then but they said the results did not come back yet.  We are worried.  Has anyone had spots on their liver and it turned out to be nothing serious?
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was curious what ever happened with this and your husband? I was in the emergency room about a month ago and had a cat scan done. The Dr said that 2 tiny spots were on my liver, but said that they were nothing to worry about. Told me to have a check up in a year or so just to be sure they didn't get larger. So saw this and was just curious what ever happened to this and what you found out. Seeing it was over 2 years ago.

Thanks Mike
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