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Stomach Ache

In  June I had Cunnilingus with a woman. I had all STD'S tests done and all came back negative. After the one month of being with this woman I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen that went from my right side to my left creating a constipation feeling.
I was really worried and hence I went to my GP to have the STD's test performed.
It has been four months or better and I have been feeling better however I still have a stomach ache feeling that subsides when I go to bed and does not start up again until I am up four a couple of hours. (three to four).
My GP tells me that it could be my nerves as I was a nervous wreck before I received the results of my tests.

Could I have pick up a bacteria from being with this woman? Perhaps getting to close to her anus? Or is this something totally unrelated?

What tests should I ask my Doctor to perform?
I would appreciate any kind of input. I want to get better.

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Hello Michell,
I just came back from the Doctors.
Good news mostly.

Your outlook on it I am most interested in.

First, my doctor had in the pass given me some a medicine to help with my stomach which did not work. Also he had recommended an over the counter med for gas that helped but was not the best. He told me after I explained my symptoms (gas, bloating and a stomach ache) that he believes it is IBS.
I have not lost weight which is a good thing. I told him that I have been eating (while on vacation 4ozs of Activia) and now that I am home I have increased it to 8ozs. My symptoms have decreased, however I definitely still have something but the symptoms are not as strong as they were while I was away. (about two weeks)
So he recommended me to a Gastro doctor because there was nothing else that he could do and that this Doctor Seedar is a specialist.
He also told me there is no sense in me telling him my encounter with another woman.
I have an appointment Oct 22nd. That was the earliest appointment, however I am on the cancellation list if someone decides not to show.

As far as my fear of HIV infection. I first was talking to the nurse on his staff privately in the waiting room about the kind of test that was administer to me on September 17th. She was the one who drew my blood and new that it was for an HIV screening.
As I told you early I had thought that it had been 90 days that I had contact with this woman and that recently I ran into her telling me that she made a mistake on the date.The real date was July 24th. which meant that from the time that I was with her  it had only been 55days when the test was given to me..
I found out thru the nurse and confirmed this with the Doctor that the test that was given to me was the HIV 1&2 Antibodies test and they use that test because it shows accurate results within a six week time frame. I had called a lab that I found on-line about HIV screening and they told me that they use this test.
I was really relieved. This meant that that I am good to go. Right. Not so fast.
When I spoke to the Doctor he did confirm what the nurse had told me but said that what the test means is that I am 90% in the clear. He said that I should come back for another test in two weeks. Which would make it 90 days. He told me that chances are that the test will be negative and that this puts me in the 95% category and after that I should repeat in a year to give me a 99.99% clean bill of health.
He told me that the chances that I would have contacted HIV IF the woman was infected would be 1 in 500.
He said that since the HIV 1&2 Antibodies test that I had was negative that I should not worry that this is an accurate test.

Again Michell I appreciate your responses. I know time is a valuable asset these days. I like to read your thoughts to all of this.
Remember do not sugar coat any of your responses. I do feel better mentally about the HIV situation since I have been to the Doctors office today but I know that they know that I was really worried. Now I am just concerned.
So remember be honest.

Thanks Michell I hope that you had a good day.
By the way my name is Frank. Sorry that I did not tell you that earlier.
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Thanks Michell,
I will message you tomorrow after I see my Doctor.
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Symptoms such as diarrheah would likely not show up for years after infection.  Things like  stomachache gas bloating would not be typical at all for symptoms after initial exposure.  If you had symptoms it would be more of the symptoms I described earlier.   I really think you are ok.  Just get a test in 3 and 6 months to ease your mind. HIV could possibly show at 50 days but sometimes takes longer for your body to make antibodies that are detectable. Blood work may or may not show abnormalities.  It depends on if you are having a initial reaction from exposure and if you were you would most likely have symptoms.  Take care and message me if you need anything.
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Hello Michell I hope that I am not being a bother to you.
I did something that I said that I would not do.I went looking for information on my condition on the internet.
Slight stomach ache, somewhat bloated feeling, flatulence. I was looking for an answer on GOOGLE. My symptoms relating to HIV.
I am SCARED!!!
I have a few questions I would appreciate it if you could answer them. Realizing you are not a doctor but apparently you are in the medical profession.
If not even that it is nice to know that there is someone out there to talk to.

Do you know how long it would be after contact if I did have HIV that I would get the symtoms that I have described? It had been about a month.
I have never had any rashes, enlarged lymph-nodes or sore throat, or fever and I am not losing weight. I understand that they are the first signs of HIV for people after the first or second month of contact. Is that correct? October 24th will be three months.
Would the pain in my stomach be very painful or could it be a SLIGHT stomach ache that one could still eat? The ladder is my case.
Would I have diarrhea along with this pain? Which I do not.
Lastly as I stated in one of my notes I thought that I was tested 90 days out from contact but according to this woman it was only 50 days. Would something have shown in the blood work even at 50 days? Not that I would have HIV but that something was abnormal?
I do not know if my doctor did a standard HIV test or the HIV DNA PCR test that can be done in 28 days after contact and is very accurate.
If my Doctor did not do the DNA PCR test I am going to ask him if he would even if I have to pay for it, otherwise I will have to wait another two weeks for the 90 day deadline to be tested with the standard test.

I really do apologize for my badgering. Again I am scared and I know that perhaps I am over reacting.
My best friend has told me that the chances of me having HIV from Cunnilingus is 1 out of 100...and that is if the woman had HIV.
Still with this stomach issue I am worried.

Hope that you answer. Please be candid with me as I rather hear the straight forward truth than have something sugar coated.
My doctor is going to hate me.
I do know this. If I am not HIV positive (which believe it or not I am betting that I am not. I have always been a person that over-reacts even as a kid) I am 59 and I can't believe I am still like this.
But I will NEVER,NEVER, do something like this again.

Thank you, Michell      
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Thank you again Michell especially for the reassurance. as I said previously my Dr. whom I have been going to for the last ten to twelve years is an infectious disease specialist at my local hospital and from the beginning he did not feel that my symptoms were STD related in any way.
I see him tomorrow and I will let you know what he said.
As far as another HIV test I know that it is a mind game with me because I felt better mentally when my doctor told me my test came back normal.
This uncertainty has only raised it head again because this woman that I was with said I had the wrong date. I have no other symptoms and none relating to HIV.

Thanks Michell  
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I believe you have a low risk.  There is a very low risk of contacting it this way.  I would always err or the side of caution and get another test 3 months and 6 months out so you will feel at ease.  The stomach symptoms would not present until the disease had progressed so I do not think that this is related to HIV in any way.  Some people get  flu like symptoms fever , rash when they are infected with hiv not usually stomachache.   I truly believe that you just have a bacteria at the  most :)   which can be easily cured. I promise you that I really believe you are ok.  Try not to worry about it so your stomach can heal.  The stomach is  sensitive and stress about this can upset it more.  I have worried over things so much that I caused myself to have upset stomach for weeks.  I was with someone who stressed me out and I would wakeup and have bad stomachaches and upset stomach all day .  It resolved when he was not around  and I was fine when we seperated.  I then had something stress me out after this again and the stomach issues came back so i know it does affect your stomach.  
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Thanks Michell,
It is funny that you mentioned probiotics because I have been eating one Activia (4oz) per day and today I did notice that my stomach ache is a little better. I think I will increase the Activia to 8ozs. and also start on the Culturelle tomorrow.

Hope that you will answer this question for me or at least give me your opinion..
I first had an HIV test along with other STD's and Hepatitis thinking that it was 90 days out from the time I was with this woman.
I ran into her a few days ago and she said that she made a mistake on the date that we were togather. The first date was June 10th however she said that was wrong and the real date was July 24th. This means that from that date to the time I was tested for HIV it was only 50 days. The other tests were done with enough time in between contact and testing.
I intend to speak to my Doctor about this but what is your opinion...should I have another test done in another two weeks. That would be 90 days.
I know that this forum believes the risk of HIV from Cunnilingus is very very low and I do feel that since all of the other STD test along with Hepatitis came back negative that I DO NOT have HIV but what is your take on this.

Thanks again and please answer.  
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I do not think it is an std but it is possible to pick up a bacteria.  If your doc is an infectious disease doc then you should be ok.  He can order a stool toxin test or test for hpylori.  Try some probiotics in the mean time to help your symptms.  They are good bacteria like in yogurt to replace the bad bacteria.   Culturelle is a good one and sold at cvs walgreens rite aid.  My GI recommends it to a lot of patients.  
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Thanks Michell,
I have a doctors appointment this Thursday. I intend to tell him my symptoms, Bloating after I eat, I pass a lot of gas, burping and sometimes my stools are dark or black.

I was speaking to a close friend who three years ago had similar or the same symptoms and was diagnose with H. pylori infection. He was on two anti-biotics for three to four weeks.
I am hoping that mp GP who is also the head doctor in charge with infectious disease can preform the necessary tests.
I am tired of feeling like this.
My mine still plays trick on me thinking that this is an STD even though I was check for everything including Hepatitis. The symptoms I mentioned are the only ones that I have.

Your comments are appreciated.  
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You could have possibly picked up a bacteria.  I would get a toxin stool test to test for things like ecoli, shigella etc , a cdiff stool test and ova parasite test.  
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