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Stomach/Intestinal Pain we can't figure out!

I'm 26, have allergies and about 3 weeks ago I started having constant stomach pains (pain level 2-3), this went on for 2 days then the 3rd day it got worse to the stabbing pain level, when I was leaning back in a chair and went to sit up it hurt like someone stabbed me. So I went to urgent care the next day and the doc pushed around the main pain spots were around my stomach (directly below my rub cage) and around my appendix area. He sent me to the ER to get testing done to make sure it wasn't an appendicitis.
ER did poct chem 8 istat, cbc with differential,hepatic function panel, lipase, urinalysis and CT scan with contrast. The results of all of these tests came back normal with no appendicitis and no idea as to why I was hurting. Ended up going home and went to bed and woke up with the constant level 2 pain.
Weekend went by and I had a meeting already set up with my gastroenterologist Monday. Explained to him the story and he recommended to do an upper endoscopy and a Barium swallow bc of my throat swallowing issue. (I had been previously diagnosed with EoE and have been managing it for a few years.)
Did the endoscopy the next day and he took 4 biopsies from my esophagus and 4 from my stomach. He prescribed me omeprazole 40mg to treat the EoE, he said its been found to be treatable in the same manner as acid reflux which I have as well. Barium swallow was two days later. All the while the constant level 2 pain doesn't go away in my stomach/ intestinal area. Did the barium swallow and the level of pain kept getting higher and higher as the day went on. Ended up going to the ER that night with stabbing pains again. (Hindsight it was the heavy thick barium traveling through my system causing the stabbing pain.)
ER tested the blood and urinalysis again and this time did XRay Abdomen: Flat and Upright with chest 3 views and did an ultrasound on the rest of my abdomen specifically the gallbladder. Everything again turned up normal except they found there to be minimal sludge in the gallbladder. They gave me morphine twice during this stay and neither of the two times did it help the stomach pain at all!!! This seemed strange to everyone... He did write me a script for hydrocodone/acetaminohen 5-325 TB and I've only taken one since and it actually helped the pain to go away.They also prescribed me Dicylomine to ease the gi tract.
The pain stayed at the level 2 for another 4 days till my follow up with my gastro doc which was yesterday. The biopsies came back normal he said, there is definite signs of EoE which we are treating with the omeprozole. The barium swallow showed a small issue with the barium pill getting hung up for a bit right at the bottom which I knew about bc I was watching the screen while we were doing it. Other than that I seem fine according to him, which is irritating bc it leads to where I am today, I have no idea my my intestines hurt now.

A short description of my eating habits as of late: I have been trying to rule out gluten and dairy as the trouble makers but sticking on a gluten free diet and no dairy.
For breakfast I've been eating gluten free cream o wheat and gluten free oatmeal, lunch and dinner a variation of chicken, steak and mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. I really haven't ate much else besides those things, trying to keep it simple.
At first after all this testing I was hungry and eating a good bit but as of late I haven't been hungry at all which I'm wondering if that's due to the dicylomine regulating my intestines? I ate my breakfast yesterday then went 12hrs before I ate anything else and then all I had was a snack for dinner. I quit taking the dicylomine yesterday as well to see what would happen with my hunger levels. I've been feeling like my intestines are full and bloated but my stomach is not now. I'm not sure what this is can anyone help? Ideas, opinions anything?
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id get a food allergy test done to make sure your not allergic to anything you are consuming on a daily basis. Then I'd suggest doing a hida scan and hydrogen breath test. I'd also suggest a stool analysis be done to check for parasites and candida (yeast).
If none of that brings an answer, then id say a colonoscopy to check for crohns.
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Thank you. We did do an allergy test as well I'm allergic to wheat and dairy a little bit they're like a 1/2 out of 5 on the scale which is another reason I cut them out.
Doctor recommended a HIDA scan as well so that should be soon.
I've been thinking about doing a stool sample as well, I honestly don't know why we haven't yet anyway.
I really really hope it's not Crohns... I couldn't bare to think about that for life this young....
Thank you again! If you think of anything else let me know and I will keep the thread updated.
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