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Stomach Issues/Poop Issues

My name is Angel I am a girl and I am 17.  I have been having some stomach problems recently over the past two months and I have been to the doctor once. I was nearly impacted almost 2 months ago but was able to use a gloved finger to get it out of my rectum. It was terrifying for the first few days of not going and not being able to go as I had never been so constipated before but it did eventually come out after a lot of pain and stretching but now I am terrified of it happening again. Every sound in my stomach scares me (you could call me a hypochondriac) I have been trying to drink more water and eat some kind of veggie everyday making sure not that I go at least once a day. Some days I really struggle which causes me to go into a panic but after trying many positions with forcing it comes out. I don't have any pain exactly it's the fear of something like that happening again that is causing me to make myself go at least every single day. I have incomplete evacuation sometimes that causes me to go back to the bathroom to try every couple of hours and I don't have really large bm's anymore, my poop is not in the shapes I have seen online as they describe 'long intestine shape' but in different ones sometimes not small pebbles or ribbons which are signs of IBS and other diseases. Sometimes they are in large round balls bigger slightly more dry even sometimes that almost feel as if they shoot out, I also sometimes have mucus in my poop. My question is: is there something I can do to have easier normal BMs? Soft long ones that are normal. Not having to take laxatives either as that is not an option.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me in advance. This is really stressing me out and causing me days of pain and worry forcing myself to go (but not too often as to get hemrriods) it makes me so nervous when I can't which causes me to have to go back to the bathroom over and over to try until I feel that it is all out for the day.

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Also if it helps at all my doctor mentioned I had a slightly over active thyroid? So if that has anything to do with what's been happening. My doctor put me on a short medication that helped the lining of my stomach which did help me put my mind at ease and relax again but I stopped taking it after a while because everything felt as if it went back to normal.
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The hyperactive thyroid can be causing both anxiety and constipation.  I think you can help your thyroid by eating correctly for your thyroid condition.  For the constipation I suggest you take a tablet of magnesium citrate around 400 mg every MORNING and calcium and vitamin D at night.  Metamucil with lots of water helps some people, but honestly for some people it actually leads to more problems.  There is a pill form, and you would need to drink a big glass of water every time you try it.  Miralax might be a better product for you.  I know you said no laxatives, but these are not true laxatives and will protect you rather than damage you.

Instead of being in a panic over going to the bathroom, keep glycerin suppositories in your bathroom.  Then if you are in a bind you can put one in and help get things started.  But you want to do other things besides just this.

One food thing to try is stopping dairy.  It causes terrible problems for lots of people.  Stop it for two week and see if it helps.  This includes cheese, milk, and dairy type yogurt.  You can use almond milk instead if you are not allergic to that.  

Try eating meat only once a day the size of a deck of cards.  Chew thoroughly.  Ground meat may be easier for your digestion.  Eat lots of vegetables and whole fruit with the skin when the skin is edible.  Chew it well.  Apples are good.  Some people get help with prune juice but it is too gassy for me.  Take a prebiotic.  This may be extremely helpful.  This is from a health food store.  

You are not alone and this is not your fault.  I will send you a message with a link about foods for the hyperthyroid.
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I have IBS and have the same characteristics of BMs you are describing.  Mucus is something that your intestines produce as a means of destroying bad bacteria.  The best thing for you to do is to buy some probiotics as a pharmacy, you can take one everyday as a supplement- it will promote intestinal health.  Secondly buy some Metamucil and start taking at least 1 to 2 doses per day.  It takes about a week to make noticeable differences, but is a natural source of fiber that can be taken every day.  It's NOT a laxative, it has many health benefits but it really hydrates your intestines (aka a stool softener).  I've been using it everyday for a year now with a lot of success.  Try it- really.
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ALSO the WORST thing you can do is to strain yourself for long periods of time on the toilet trying to make something happen.  You might give yourself Crohn's disease.  If you're constipated, take 3 doses of Metamucil and wait until you have to go.
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