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Stomach Pain in upper Right Side

I have had stomach pain just under my ribs on my right side now for several months. The pain has been off and on. I will have it several times a day everyday, then some days I won't have it at all (there has been a few weeks that I haven't had any pain also) I have now been getting the same type of pain (dull, burning) on the left side just below my ribs. And now lately I  have had a lot of bloating (gas pain) in my lower abdomen.  Could this be symptoms of an ulcer (or ulcers)?
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I am sorry you have this condition but I have the exact same symptoms.
I suggest you see a doctor and have a liver panel blood test made.
I have not been diagnoised yet but working on it.
My liver enzymes are high - ALT - AST
This is the result on my liver blood work.
My medical doctor says I have an infection in my liver.
Nothing has been confirmed but I will see a gastro doctor next.
This infection has been bothering me for nearly 3 years off and on.
It is much worse now but as yours, it would come and go , now it is pretty constant.
Do not wait but go get the blood test done asap.
I am not saying this to frighten you, but to help you.
Let me know how goes .....
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I had a physical a month ago and my blood work was normal. I didn't say anything to the doctor then because it wasn't bothering me. But as luck would have it, it started up again. I did call her and I had an ultrasound done on my abdomen and it was normal also. Would ulcers show up on an ultrasound?
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