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Stomach Pain with a lot of Gas. Doctor doesn't know what it is. What could it be?

For the past 2 months, I've gotten a very bad stomach pain. It's hard to describe, but when it strikes, I feel nauseous, and feel like I am about to puke. I am also emetophobic (afraid of throwing up) which makes me nervous every time I feel sick. Its on my upper left side of my stomach.... Then I feel a lot of Gas all of sudden. As soon as it is released I feel some relief. I keep feeling more gas and releasing it, and I feel a bit better every time.. It seems that sometimes I have gotten diarrhea, and then feel more nauseous with it. My stomach then hurts even more, if diarrhea is present. It's also a chronic stiff feeling with a loss of appetite... My doctor has not yet referred me to a gastroenterologist. I had acid issues when I was younger and had 3 endoscopies done, which my doctor, ten years ago, diagnosed as acid reflux. Today I'm 25 years old, very skinny, and have a good diet.. Any idea what this could be today? Ant acids like Prilosec, zantac and mylanta have had no effect, bentyl has a minimal effect.
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It sounds like you need to see the GI Dr. It's so hard to say what might be going on. Possible GERD, gastritis, an ulcer, food allergies.
Does your family Dr have to refer you to a GI specialist?
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Hello, thanks for the input. Yeah the family doctor does have to refer me. The most suspected diagnosis has been ibs, but it doesn't seem like it to me.
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Get that referral. You need to find out what's going on. Until you get in to see the specialist try staying away from anything acidic and also try to not eat any gluten. Breads and things like that. If the Bentyl is helping I think you can safely take it before every meal.  
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