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Stomach Pain

I need help, so I ended up in the ER one day because of abdominal pain, the ER doc said everything looked normal and he thought it was something viral. I found the CT results from that day online. During the day of the CT I took contrast and threw it up so I'm not sure if that's why it was showing partial gastric outlet obstruction, the ER doc marked me for being allergic to the contrast too.. but I don't think that was the case because I felt nauseous even before going to the ER and drinking that within an hour probably made her throw up. I can't interpret the results overall. 5 months after I still has pain that comes and goes, recently had a pelvic ultrasound and it was normal. I've had a history for precancerous polyps being removed in my colon. But sometimes when I drink and eat spicy food I have right lower abdominal pain that comes and goes and which is worse at night.

I've been constipated for years, going only once or twice a week, unless drinking alcohol. The doctor said it's normal for a woman of my age but that seems questionable. Other than that I don't have any bloating or pain unless I eat a lot of food, but I figure it isn't out of the ordinary. I don't have the pain anymore much now but still uncomfortable when eating spicy food with alcohol etc. My doctor said he could dig deeper but wasn't sure if it was necessary since i wasn't showing absolute symptoms, he said to take the probiotic prescribed and follow up for a possible endoscopy with my GI, which I've never had done. What do you all think about this?
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first, if it only happens when you eat spicy food...stop eating spicy foods.
Next, find a nutritionist or food allergy specialist who can test you for food allergies and sensitivities. its possible you have one of these issues with a food you are eating on a regular basis.
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